L4.2 – UnBalanced Responses

Partner has opened 1NT so must therefore be :- 

  • Balanced
  • And MUST have exactly 12-14 HCP (EXACTLY)

If you are unbalanced:-

HCP Range Note Bid1NT Opener Rebids
0-10Weak Take out - must have 5 card suit or longer bid 2 of long suit (except 2 Clubs)PASS
11+With 6 Card MajorBid Game - 4 of MajorPASS
11+With 5 Card MajorBid 3 of the MajorBid 4 of the Major if you have 3+ Else bid 3NT
11+With 4 Card Major , "Asking for Majors" - Stayman2 ClubsBid 2 Diamonds if no Major , Else the major
19+Look for a Slam after finding a "Fit"TBDTBD