L6.2 – Doubles

The bid of ‘Double’ can be used for :-

  • Penalties
    • at the 3 level or above
    • or of a NT bid (where the doubler holds 16+ points)
  • Take out Double
  • Informational Double
    • sometimes called ‘The Negative Double’


Only double for penalties when you think that you can bring their contract down, especially if they are vulnerable, and you are NOT!!

Take Out Double 

Use this double, after they have bid, to inform partner that you have 16+ points and that you will play in any contract except the suit they have bid. Partner must respond, you can’t just leave the double in place, you must ‘Take Out’ your partner’s double.

If the opposition have intervened then you can remain quiet, if you have very low points.

0-5Longest suit at cheapest level
6-9Cheapest or 1 NT if stopper
10-12Jump or 2NT

Informational Double

Partner has opened, the opposition have intervened and have “robbed your bid” . You can double their bid to show partner that you have some points.