Pre Lessons Basics

Your First Page(s) of Bridge Notes

These notes below are your first introduction to the Wonderful World of Bridge.

Card games are divided into two basic types ; those that look for combinations of cards – Gin Rummy , Canasta , Poker ; whereas Bridge belongs to the “trick” taking variety – Solo, Whist , Don.

Bridge is a card game that uses all 52 cards in a standard pack of cards, no jokers allowed. The cards are dealt to two teams of two people. Team members sit opposite one an other in the Cardinal points of North/South and East/West. 

A Deck of Cards (No Tex Ritter imitations please)

A pack of cards is split into 4 suits :- 

Majors :- 

♠️ Spades

♥️ Hearts



♣️ Clubs

In bridge the suits are ordered or “ranked” as well as the individual cards being ranked. Clubs being the lowest ranked suit and Spades the highest (note in alphabetical order C,D,H,S). Clubs and Diamonds being called the minors , Hearts and Spades the Majors (more if this later – much later).

Each suit has thirteen cards :- 

In order, we have the 9 “spot” cards running from 2 through to 10 and then the 4 “Honour” cards Jack, Queen, King with the Ace, being the highest.

The purpose of the game is TO WIN TRICKS

In any one suit the highest order card will always “win the trick”.

So , if West plays say the 7 ♥️ , North then follows with say the 5 ♥️, East then plays 10 ♥️ and South then plays the J ♥️. South is then said to have “Won the trick” . 

A couple of early rules !!


You must always follow suit if you have a card in that suit

If you don’t follow suit, but find out later you have “reneged” , or “revoked” then you must tell the table as soon as you discover the error. 

TRUMPING IN (another way to win tricks!!)

If you are playing in “trumps” then if you don’t have a card in the suit led then you can “trump in” or “ruff” the lead

The highest ranked card will always “take the trick” , unless one or more of the players “trumps in” , then the highest order trump will win the trick

So , if West plays say the Ace ♥️ , North is out of Hearts, but “trumps in” with say the 2 ♠️ , East then plays 10 ♥️ and South then plays the J ♥️. Even though South has the highest Heart , North would win as a “trump” beats any of the other cards played , including West’s Ace ♥️ !

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